Admission Procedures for Junior Pre-K and Pre-Kindergarten

By September 1 of the year that a child will begin attending, a Junior Pre-Kindergarten applicant must be 3 years old and potty-trained, and a Pre-Kindergarten applicant must be 4 years old and potty-trained.

1.  Schedule a parent visit by clicking here

2. Submit the Application for Admission along with the $75 application fee online by clicking the 'Apply Online' button. 

3. Call the Admission Office at (908) 273-0900, ext. 269, to arrange your child's visit.

4. Applicants should ask the child’s current teacher (where applicable) to complete the Preschool Teacher Evaluation Form. The form should be completed no sooner than December 1 and submitted to the Admission Office no later than February 1. The Preschool Teacher Evaluation Form can be sent directly to the teacher using the e-mail link found in your child's checklist tab in the online application.
We do our best to select applicants who are similar in their developmental stages and their readiness for our program.
Kent Place School is an all-girls K through 12 independent college preparatory day school with a coeducational Preschool, located in Summit, NJ.