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Upper School Curriculum

It’s lively, varied, vigorous, and designed to meet the demands of our mission.

An extraordinarily rich array of college-prep course offerings: Engineering and the Arts. Local Literature. Black Studies. Bioethics Project. Students may consider many excellent options, particularly opportunities to learn interdisciplinarily, or to design and pursue advanced independent research projects in STEM and the humanities! From 9th through 12th grade, our students have the opportunity to engage in the study of ethics and ethical decision-making, from the Introduction to Ethics course in ninth grade to App Development II: Ethical Entrepreneurship, our courses ground our students in ethical leadership to advance the world. Students are thoroughly prepared for the SAT, the ACT, and a wide range of Advanced Placement examinations. We measure academic success not by grades alone, but also by integrity, audacity, competence, and intellectual curiosity.

Learn more about the Upper School curriculum below, or read the full course of study here.

Upper School Curriculum Highlights

  • English

Inspiring and guiding students to become critical thinkers and joyful lovers of literature lies at the core of our English program.

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  • History

Understanding history empowers our students to make sense of the past, engage with the issues of today’s world, and develop their future leadership.

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  • Science

Science at KPS enhances habits of mind to break down a complex scientific system and use fact-based reasoning to defend conclusions. 

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Visual Arts
  • Visual Arts

Visual Arts provides an opportunity for individual student growth in understanding aesthetics, art history, and the development of specific artistic skills.

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