Individualized Opportunities

We encourage students to take ownership of their learning. As part of that process, students often pursue academic interests that extend beyond the explicitly stated curriculum. Daily, faculty support students’ unique interests within the framework of class instruction by offering assignments that allow for student choice, courses that inherently demand an individualized approach (e.g., AP Art Portfolio, advanced research classes and technology classes), and by supporting students’ academic goals through an individualized academic advisory system. 

Some of Our Individualized Opportunities

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  • Bioethics Project

    Offered to selected students in Grades 10-12, the Bioethics Project is an intensive two-trimester course with a summer internship component and run by our Ethics Institute, pairs each participant with a biomedical ethics scholar as mentor. Students explore the complex ethical questions dealing with personal freedom, privacy, access to health care and fairness and research a topic regarding a biomedical ethical issue related to the broad topic chosen annually. Student research is presented publically at an annual Bioethics Symposium held at Kent Place.
  • Cumulative Humanities Project

    In the 11th grade year, each student is immersed in an independent, interdisciplinary academic research project. In their history and English classes, students have the opportunity to learn research skills that are unique to the study of both subjects: the selection, analysis and synthesis of both literary criticisms and historians’ interpretations. Because each student selects her own historical topic and related novel for this project, student interest and depth of study tends to be an exciting outcome.
  • Learning Consultant

    Our learning consultant is an expert resource for any student who wants to understand her individual learning needs and understand learning strategies that optimize her learning.
  • Research in Advanced Mathematics

    In this elective course offered to advanced mathematics students, students conduct research in a selected area of mathematics (e.g., game theory, graph theory & networks, combinatorics, number theory, college geometry). Students learn about the cycle of research in mathematics and develop the ability to initiate and carry out a unique longer term mathematical research project.
  • Student Designed Research

    This elective course offered in the Science Department to students in grades 10-12 gives motivated students a chance to delve into the world of scientific inquiry. Students accepted into this program will learn how scientists study the natural world while investigating a topic of their choice; recent topics included heat impact on DNA, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and biodiesel. Emphasis is placed on scientific literature research, experimental design and implementation, data collection and data analysis.
  • The Math Studio

    The Math Studio, staffed by KPS mathematics faculty, is a destination for students to seek guidance for their mathematical work across the curriculum. It is also a space of inspiration for creative work, study, instruction, experimentation and discussion. Students can use the Studio any period of the day, on their own or with a study group, to use learning materials, books, puzzles, games and other mathematical inspirations.
  • The Writing Center

    The Writing Center, staffed by KPS English Department faculty, provides a positive environment in which individuals or groups of students may obtain help in all steps of the writing process across disciplines. Students may initiate conferences to accomplish specific goals, and teachers may recommend and require that students attend the Center.
  • 9th Grade Orientation Seminar

    This seminar works to help students successfully manage academic and social transitions to the Upper School. Specific goals of the seminar include building grade level community in preparation for class elections, being able to interact in small- and large-group discussions, becoming self advocates and knowing which resources to use when needed. Students will also work on developing their learning and studying strategies, enhance their test-taking skills and practice relaxation techniques to better access their understandings.
  • 10th Grade IMPACT/PREPARE

    This five-session seminar offers an on-site personal safety program for all sophomore students. The goal of the program is to empower students to make effective personal safety choices. Students learn how to advocate for themselves, practice how to deal with the common “freeze response,” and how to manage fear, anxiety and adrenaline during intimidating situations.
  • 10th Grade Project Adventure

    The overarching goals of the Project Adventure are to increase student self-concept, develop leadership competencies, practice group cooperation skills and foster respect for self and others. The program is supported by the core concepts of the Full Value Contract and Challenge by Choice, which encourage personal accountability and ownership of the participant’s individual experience. Grade 10 students participate in a five-session program taught by our trained Project Adventure KPS faculty members.
  • Intergroup Relations Seminar

    In Grade 9 students will focus on understanding the terms related to social identity to guide self-exploration, and highlight similarities and differences among class members. Through discussion and activities, students will learn the skills to become confident in discussing one’s own social identity and learning to empathize with others. In Grade 10 students will focus on increasing their knowledge of gender identity and how it presents itself in school and/or the outside the school community. Through shared vocabulary students will learn how to use inclusive language when discussing this topic with their peers. In Grades 11 and 12 students will have the opportunity to discuss and review case studies with a focus on DEI themes. Interactive exercises and journal/ reflection writing are used to challenge assumptions and increase understandings of how social systems and institutions function to allocate privilege and sustain societal inequities.

Independent Study

The opportunity to participate in an independent study at Kent Place School is reserved for seniors. This opportunity allows students to develop a course of study that extends beyond coursework already taken. It also provides opportunities for students to pursue interdisciplinary work and to apply knowledge and skills in venues beyond their individual classrooms.

Recent Independent Study Topics
  • Solving an Engineering Problem Using Google SketchUp and Ruby Programming Tools
  • From Bartering to Bitcoin
  • The Development of Comedic Characters (comediennes)
  • Nuestros Ojos: El Mundo Cubano Entrejido Con Una Voz Femenina (Our Eyes: The Cuban World Explored with a Feminine Voice)
  • Art through the 19th Century and its Influence on Modern Art
  • Musical History and Theory
  • A Study of French Film
  • Statistics and Statistical Research
  • Student Play: Disconnected
  • NJ Historical Places: Photography
It is not unusual for students to take courses in a subject area that is the focus of their independent study at the same time as they are engaging in independent study coursework. If an independent study proposal is approved, students may then receive academic credit for their work. The amount of academic credit a student receives corresponds to the number of trimesters for which the independent study has been approved.
Kent Place School is an all-girls K through 12 independent college preparatory day school with a coeducational Preschool, located in Summit, NJ.