Academics in Action - PS

We encourage students to take ownership of their learning. On a daily basis, our faculty support students’ unique interests within the framework of class instruction by offering assignments that allow for student choice. As part of that process, students often pursue academic interests that extend beyond the explicitly stated curriculum.

Exciting PS Opportunities

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  • Archaeology

    As part of our social studies unit on Colonial America, all fourth-grade students become archaeologists in the field. This is an interdisciplinary project combining science, math, social studies and research skills. Students participate in hands-on experiences of excavating, screening, recording and researching artifacts at our campus dig site. Through careful observation, students hone their critical thinking skills, analyzing the data they've gathered and making hypotheses about Colonial American culture.
  • Breakfast Book Club

    Breakfast Book Club is offered throughout the year in six-week segments to students at various grade levels. The KPS ELA Coordinator facilitates the Book Clubs, selects the featured book, and creates a reading guide for members to follow. Each week students discuss specific chapters noting characters and plot development, while munching on breakfast treats!
  • Fun with Phonics Club

    Fun with Phonics Club meets one morning a week and is open to second graders who wish to hone their phonics skills. KPS faculty design and teach hands-on lessons to give students more practice in applying phonics rules to real-life reading. Students play games, construct words, practice fluency within the context of reading, and have fun while reinforcing reading skills.
  • Math Labs

    During before school hours and at recess, students in Grades 1-5 are invited to focus on special, fun topics in math.
  • Oopsie Daisy

    Oopsie Daisy is the Primary School’s literary magazine. Staff members are fourth- and fifth-graders, who edit the submissions and design the layout. Submissions are encouraged from all students in Grades Pre-K to 5. The magazine is bound and distributed to the entire Primary School.
  • PS Afterschool Enrichment Opportunities

    From Chinese language to musical theater, our outstanding after-school enrichment programs — taught by Kent Place faculty — extend personal and intellectual development long beyond the closing bell.

    Recent Offerings Include:
    • Creative Confections
    • Checkmate Chess
    • Clay Art
    • Engineering is Elementary: Rockets & Rovers
    • Hip Hop Rocks
    • Tae Kwon Do
    • LEGO Engineering (one class for K-2 and one class for 3rd-5th)
    • Eco Art
    • Magic & Mystery
    • Lotions and Potions
    • Have a Passion for Fashion!
    • D.I.Y. Your Room
    • Acting 101
    • American Girl Doll
    • D.I.Y Accessories
    • Toy Design
    • All That Glitters and Explodes is Science-tastic!
    • Magic Kingdom Crafts
    • Loom Knitting
    • Guerilla Art
    • Spa Science
    • Stories and Adventure!
  • Women's History Challenge

    To celebrate Women's History Month, our third- to fifth-grade students are invited to participate in the Women's History Challenge. A bulletin board with the faces and names of 14 women in history is displayed. The challenge is to complete a research booklet gathering as much information as students can about each remarkable woman. Participants submit their research booklets from which a Jeopardy-style quiz show based on the students' findings is created. In the spring, the students are invited to the Women's History Tea, where they participate in the quiz show, eat tasty treats and celebrate the lives of notable women.
  • Writing Workshop

    The major goal of Writing Workshop is that the student “owns” her writing and is ultimately responsible for it. The emphasis is placed on doing writing rather than talking about it. In Writing Workshop, students are in charge and the teacher is responsive to their needs as writers: providing them with time, space and lessons that will move them forward as writers. This method is both child-centered and rigorously structured. The teacher sets in place the structure, which allows students a variety of choices and sets them off writing.
  • Zone

    During recess, students are welcome to receive support on work or projects for their classes.

Try New Things.

Even in the Primary School, we can join the chorus, we can join the Mileage Club and run or walk during recess. After school, you can take chess or Tae Kwon Do. -Riya, second grade
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