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Primary School | Grades K-5

Our Primary School is a joyful, welcoming community that offers daily opportunities for girls to thrive as brave, brilliant learners.

We believe that wonder and exploration are integral parts of the learning experience. We embrace our girls’ natural inclinations to question and explore the world by designing programs that promote curiosity and investigation.

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Children begin to display greater purpose and competence in their thinking and behaviors in their Primary years. Our integrated curriculum, taught by experienced faculty who know how girls think, feel, and learn, provides a framework for processing information deeply, thoughtfully, and collaboratively. Our Primary School girls belong to a community that amplifies their voices and supports them as they build the skills and confidence necessary for personal and academic achievement.

Principles of ethics and leadership invite our girls to make authentic connections across disciplines and connect them to the learning occurring in the Middle and Upper Schools. These dynamic experiences foster a deeper understanding of themselves, one another, and the world around them.


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