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Preschool | Coed Ages 3-4

At Kent Place, we believe that even our youngest learners are readers, writers, mathematicians, and problem-solvers. Our co-educational Preschool is a safe, engaging learning environment for children to grow and discover their abilities as creative and critical thinkers. 

Boys and girls collaborate in a stimulating learning environment that has been thoughtfully designed — from the walls, furniture, and lighting to the sensory table, reading loft, block area, writing center, and more. Children are engaged in activities that foster responsibility, cooperation, and independence from the moment they arrive.

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Our team of experienced early childhood specialists knows that a high-quality Preschool experience sets the stage for social, emotional, and academic success in later years; they are committed to providing optimal learning experiences every day. They recognize each child’s unique strengths and provide regular opportunities for individual growth. Our Preschoolers continuously learn through carefully facilitated learning moments in a flexible environment that responds to their developmental and personal milestones.

Integrated within the Preschool curriculum are activities that support cognitive and social development and invite children to explore the world beyond their homes. Play, Morning Meeting, and center-based activities are a regular part of the learning process. Our Preschoolers are deeply connected to our Primary School by taking part in school-wide events and participating in special subject classes, including World Language. With the resources of the entire Kent Place community at their fingertips, our Preschoolers benefit from a rich curriculum that promotes boundless learning and increased self-reliance.


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