Portrait of a Graduate

This portrait outlines 10 goals we strive for as we shape our students' educational experiences at Kent Place. In our rapidly changing world, as our young women's needs evolve, we revisit our aspirations for them.

List of 10 items.

  • She will have a breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding in all disciplines.

  • She will be able to express herself with confidence and a sense of purpose in written, oral, and digital forms.

  • She will be able to apply quantitative, scientific, and technological methods to gather and evaluate data that will inform her opinions and decisions about historical and contemporary issues.

  • She will be proficient in more than one language.

  • She will have developed an ethical framework and learned how to navigate complex ethical dilemmas.

  • She will have developed, practiced, and showcased her own unique leadership style, advocacy skills, and voice.

  • She will have developed cultural competency in either travel, service, communication, or another form that will expand her global presence and make a positive impact.

  • She will recognize the value of artistic expression as an essential part of contemporary life.

  • She will value involvement and action utilizing creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, invention, and innovation.

  • She will have established a plan for lifelong health, wellness, and fitness.

Kent Place School is an all-girls K through 12 independent college preparatory day school with a coeducational Preschool, located in Summit, NJ.