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Middle School Curriculum

It’s designed to meet students where they are and support and challenge them along their journey.

The dynamic and engaging programs in our Middle School are designed to foster curiosity, build independence, and instill in our emerging scholars a lifelong love of learning. The “core” course load of English, history, mathematics, science, world language, and visual and performing arts builds students’ foundational skills and competencies and advance students’ critical thinking and abstract reasoning abilities. Beyond the traditional academic courses, students are exposed to a wide range of innovative co-curricular subjects that explore key tenets of the larger Kent Place School program, including ethics and leadership; wellness, identity, and social justice; and 21st Century skills, including STEM-related disciplines, computer science, and engineering. Through all endeavors, teachers facilitate the development of study and organizational skills necessary for longterm academic success.

Learn more about the Middle School curriculum below, or read the full course of study here.

Middle School Curriculum Highlights

  • History

History is a dynamic encounter between the peoples, ideas, and events of the past and constantly changing landscape of the present. 

Read More about History
  • Science

The program fosters an enthusiasm for learning about the natural world through inquiry-based and student-active experiences. 

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