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Commons Room, Mabie House

Middle School | Grades 6-8

Society sometimes tells us that middle school is a time to endure, a time to tread water until high school starts. We couldn’t disagree more.

Our Middle School is not a stopping point between here and there — nor is it a time when girls need to walk softly and try their best to avoid appearing too knowledgeable, too determined, or too brave. It’s a stimulating, supportive time when young girls step to the front of the room, dance to center stage, run furiously to the goal line, and stand out in the crowd — uniquely happy just being themselves.

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Girls who are immersed in a community where they feel seen, connected, and engaged can advance the world. Empowerment means knowing that your presence in the world matters and makes everyone around you stronger.  

At Kent Place, our teachers know that middle school is a crucial time for girls to develop their self-confidence, discover their unique talents, and become more grounded in their core values, all while having fun. The curriculum our students explore is steeped in the advancement of academic excellence and balanced with a focus on their health and wellness. Our students collaborate to develop empathy and community awareness for a foundation that strengthens their capacity to lead within school and in the greater community.


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