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Learning Support

We recognize that learners develop skills in different ways and at different paces. To support students as they grow and thrive in our academically challenging environment, we offer learning support in the following ways: 

  • Faculty use multimodal instructional strategies to present classroom material. Students are offered various pathways for developing skills and understanding lesson content.
  • Students receive age-appropriate assistance in time management, organization, study skills, test-taking strategies, and balancing of workload.
  • Time and space for learning support and extension activities are designated throughout the day. 
  • For example, Middle and Upper School conference blocks, Advisory, Math Lab, and Writing Center (Upper School) provide opportunities for students to meet with faculty on a 1:1 or small group basis. In Primary School, student support providers and classroom teachers work collaboratively to support students throughout the school day.
  • Learning Support Coordinators work with students and their teachers to address specific learning needs.

Kent Place does not discriminate against qualified applicants or students on the basis of disabilities that may be reasonably accommodated without substantially altering curricular or instructional goals. The school will discuss with families of applicants with diagnosed learning differences or disabilities whether the school will be able to offer their children the appropriate accommodations to help them be successful at the school. 

If prospective families have questions about accommodations, please contact our Admissions Office who will connect you to the appropriate person in each Division. 

Kent Place is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities are provided with equal access to the school’s programs and services. For students who seek additional support or curricular adjustments, the school requires documentation.