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Knowing how to communicate in another language is an essential element of an excellent 21st-century education. Language is a cultural phenomena that allows us to guide students to discoveries of world cultures. To study a language is to gain insights into different global perspectives and to gain both knowledge and experience to become a leader in today’s world. Communication in a world language leads to possibilities to share work and ideas in the fields of science, math, music, art, history, literature, theatre, economics and so much more with others all over the planet. We strive to prepare our students to go anywhere, discuss anything and make significant contributions in both their personal and professional lives through the use of their language skills and their understanding of other cultures. Throughout our program language learning is supported by the ACTFL national standards of the five Cs: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and communities.

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Meet the Department

List of 14 members.

  • Photo of Katharine MacCornack

    Dr. Katharine MacCornack 

    Department Chair / US/MS World Languages
  • Photo of Lydia Barovero

    Dr. Lydia Barovero 

    US Academic Dean / US Spanish
  • Photo of Charline Bernard

    Ms. Charline Bernard 

    PS French
  • Photo of Nadine Bernard

    Ms. Nadine Bernard 

    MS French/Spanish
  • Photo of Eileen Bernens

    Mrs. Eileen Bernens 

    US Spanish
  • Photo of Ana Casas

    Ms. Ana Casas 

    PS/US Spanish
  • Photo of Shirley Chang

    Ms. Shirley Chang 

    MS/US Chinese
  • Photo of Michelle Clarke

    Ms. Michelle Clarke 

    MS Spanish
  • Photo of Holly Doyle

    Ms. Holly Doyle 

    MS/US Latin/MS History
  • Photo of Elizabeth Farshtey

    Ms. Elizabeth Farshtey 

    US Latin
  • Photo of Dora Gragg

    Mrs. Dora Gragg 

    PS Spanish / PS Diversity and Inclusion Liaison
  • Photo of Sandra Medina

    Dr. Sandra Medina 

    US Spanish
  • Photo of Francoise Moreau

    Ms. Francoise Moreau 

    US French
  • Photo of Elena Neacsu

    Dr. Elena Neacsu 

    US Spanish
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