Through an interdisciplinary lens, Kent Place historians make sense of the past and grapple with contemporary issues, while developing their leadership skills. Our students investigate communities that have become increasingly interdependent and come to envision and continuously reassess their roles as citizens of the world. This critical look at the human journey and its major patterns revolves around the way groups of people lived in essence, their culture  and then evolves into a search for deeper connections to modern-day topics and affairs that both excite and intrigue. This investigation is embedded in and around the following interwoven content strands: Geography, History, Civics and Government, and Economics, Human societies are examined through multiple perspectives including but not limited to, those of identity, diversity, social justice, and individual and collective action. This not only creates excitement about the study of history and its related subjects but also assists in expanding our students’ analytical-thinking skills.

Our historians do history by driving the learning process in innovative and diverse ways. Within our social studies curriculum in the Primary School, students recreate local and global history through an archaeological dig, a celebratory Heritage Festival, and a deep dive into Human Rights through aspects of the American story. In the Middle and Upper Schools, the girls individualize their critical- and historical-thinking skills as they study World, Contemporary and American History. Through research and writing, collaboration, and presentation, our historians debate the greatness of Egyptian pharaohs and Hammurabi’s Code, prototype and model their own Culture Islands, design “Shark Tank”-style products and pitches, and construct interdisciplinary Cumulative Humanities Projects in the junior year; these deep plunges into learning allow our girls to do history by experiencing the intersection of individuals, groups, ideas, and events in a manner that further cultivates their own sense of global citizenship and leadership.

Did You Know...

  • A passion for history, citizenship and government are satisfied in the following on-campus clubs: Kent Place Republicans, Kent Place Democrats, Model United Nations, Mock Trial and Junior State of America, Black Cultural Association (BCA), EconLIfe, and Investment Club.
  • For the last four years, Kent Place has participated in National History Day, a competition in which students from across the country conduct original research organized around a central theme. Well over 500,000 students compete in the contest annually from every state in the country as well as American territories (Puerto Rico, Guam) and Department of Defense schools globally. For four consecutive years, Kent Place earned four national qualifiers for the performance and website categories (2) and they also placed three alternates in the competition in the paper, exhibit and documentary categories.
  • Every eighth-grader takes part in the Leadership Interview Project, which requires each student to interview a variety of local, national or global leaders. Recent interviews were with Ann Curry and Martha MacCallum (TV news correspondents), Anna Maria Chavez (CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA), Steve Mills (manager and president of the New York Knicks), General Thomas Kolditz (head of Yale School of Management), Alyssa Milano (actress, activist, and entrepreneur), Robert Greifeld (CEO of NASDAQ), Tory Burch (fashion designer), Stuart Rabner (Chief Justice of the NJ Supreme Court), and Rosie Rios (43rd Treasurer of the United States).
  • In 2016-17, 89% of students in AP World History and 83% of students in AP US History earned a score of 3 or higher on their AP exams.
  • For the past nine years, Upper School students have participated in our student-run global economics website, www.econlife.com. Viewers can subscribe to a daily e-mail blast to receive the popular "Ask Alexa" blog post, which connects everyday life and economics. This blog made the Top 100 Economics Blog 2018 list put together by the Intelligent Economist.

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    Department Chair / MS History
    Stanford University - B.A.
    Santa Clara University - J.D.
    Mercy College - M.A.
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    MS/US Latin/MS History
    Tulane University - B.A.
    Vanderbilt University - M.A.T.
  • Ms. Brooke Baker 

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    Ouachita Baptist University - B.A.
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    US History
    Rutgers University - B.A.
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    Boston College - B.A.
    American University - M.A.
    Osaka University of Foreign Studies - Ph.D.
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    Colby College - B.A.
    University of Delaware - M.A.
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    University of Pennsylvania - B.A.
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    US History
    Columbia University - B.A.
    University of California at Santa Barbara - M.A.
    University of California at Santa Barbara - Ph.D.
  • Ms. Heather Van Workum 

    US History
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