The English Department focuses on building and refining skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. We strive to inspire and guide students to become creative and critical thinkers, independent learners, conscientious communicators and joyful lovers of literature. Students read for enlightenment and for pleasure. The curriculum — created around guiding essential questions — is designed to develop students’ ability to read with enthusiasm, discrimination and curiosity; to engage students in the exploration of literary works from a variety of periods, global perspectives and genres; to cultivate imaginative, clear, accurate and effective expression; and to foster sensitivity to the structure and function of language. Lively discussions, public speaking, research, writing, engagement with technology and collaborative endeavors prepare students for higher education, global citizenship and a “fully realized life” (Johnson and Arp).

Did You Know...

  • All of our students have the opportunity to see their work in print in the following publications: Spark! and the Daisy Press (Primary School); The Log and Soundings (Middle School) and Windward, Ballast, and Cargoes (Upper School). 
  • 99% of all KPS students graduate with the skill to write at an advanced AP English level and score a 3 or higher on at least one AP English exam. They may also choose among 15 senior electives.
  • We foster the habit of reading beyond what assignments require. Our Middle School girls consume, on average, 800 pages of elective pleasure reading every month and 14 books each summer.
  • The Upper School hosts Lit Loose book club meetings, poetry coffeehouses and Baggywrinkle writers' workshops modeled after the Breadloaf Blue Parlor Series.

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Meet the Department

List of 13 members.

  • Photo of Erin Hennessy

    Ms. Erin Hennessy 

    Department Chair / MS/US English / MS Diversity and Inclusion Liaison
    Randolph-Macon Woman's College - B.A.
    University of Pennsylvania - M.S.Ed.
  • Photo of Amanda Berry

    Dr. Amanda Berry 

    MS English
    Duke University - B.A.
    Duke University Divinity School - M. Div.
    Princeton Theological Seminary - Ph.D.
  • Photo of Lisa Cohen

    Ms. Lisa Cohen 

    US English
    Yale University - B.A.
    Harvard Graduate School of Education - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Jennifer Dwyer

    Ms. Jennifer Dwyer 

    US English
    The College of New Jersey - B.A.
    The New School - M.A.
  • Photo of Joanne Emery

    Ms. Joanne Emery 

    PS Language Arts Coordinator
    Douglass College - B.A.
    Rutgers University - Ed.M.
  • Photo of Amanda Freiler

    Ms. Amanda Freiler 

    MS English
    New York University - B.A.
    Lehigh University - M.A.
  • Photo of Carol Gordon

    Ms. Carol Gordon 

    US English / Dean of Students
    DePauw University - B.A.
    University of Illinois - M.A.
  • Photo of Jennifer Hrebin

    Ms. Jennifer Hrebin 

    Fourth Grade
    Montclair State University - B.A.
    Montclair State University - M.A.
    Bank Street College of Education - M.S.
  • Photo of Kimberly Lee

    Ms. Kimberly Lee 

    US English
    Rutgers University - B.A.
    Teachers College, Columbia University - M.A.
  • Photo of Susan Mascioli

    Mrs. Susan Mascioli 

    Fifth Grade
    Hofstra University - B.A.
    Montclair State University - M.A.
  • Photo of Aubrey Porterfield

    Dr. Aubrey Porterfield 

    US English
    Vanderbilt University - Ph.D.
  • Photo of Sara Wilson

    Ms. Sara Wilson 

    PS Reading Specialist
    Wittenberg University - B.A.
    Manhattanville College - M.P.S.
  • Photo of Michael Schwartz

    Dr. Michael Schwartz 

    US English
    Brown University - B.A.
    University of Connecticut - M.A.
    Brandeis University - Ph.D.
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