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We energize students with a challenging and relevant course of study in an environment attuned to best practices that inspire girls.

We know that students learn best when curriculum, pedagogy, and content honor students’ identities and support them as they grow in those identities. We believe that the best education for girls and young women is an environment in which all students discover their strengths and are empowered to see themselves as leaders — in and beyond the classroom.

Our Academic Approach

At Kent Place, we prioritize interdisciplinary learning that is proactive, responsive, and flexible and that promotes self-confidence, self-advocacy, and healthy risk-taking. Our curriculum and programs are rich in opportunities for students to develop ethical decision making, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. We promote integrity, initiative, and inclusion throughout all of the schooling years, as well as in our classroom conversations, assignments, reflective moments, and commitment toward understanding and including differing perspectives.


Our Preschool curriculum, thoughtfully designed to meet each child at his or her individual level, guides our students through the full spectrum of personal development while establishing classroom routines.


Middle School is designed to meet students where they are and support and challenge them along their journey. We offer plenty of structure, but we also give girls a new degree of responsibility for their education.


We believe that a girl’s first school experience should set the standard for the years that follow — a standard of joy and wonder, engagement and exploration, courage and creativity.


Our Upper School is lively, varied, vigorous, and designed to meet the demands of our mission. It’s guided by expert teachers and powered by the diversity of our community.

Prepared for the Future

We know our students as complete human beings, help them explore their goals and ambitions, and ensure that their next step allows them to flourish. We work with students at every phase of the college process: developing a balanced college list, providing workshops on essay writing and interviewing techniques, reviewing applications, and everything in between. The results: The Class of 2023 will attend 47 colleges (40 private, 7 public) in 19 states, the District of Columbia, and England.


What is MESA?

The KPS Multicultural Education Best Practices: A Self-Assessment (MESA) tool is a catalyst for curricular change that moves us further toward inclusive education. This instrument invites reflection about six core areas of the classroom experience: Classroom Environment and Delivery, Content and Perspective, Teaching and Learning Materials, Critical Inclusivity, Social and Civic Responsibility, and Assessment. The work of MESA connects with our strategic priorities — the heath and well-being of our students, the upholding of academic excellence, and the development of informed and ethical leaders.

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Julia Gentile

Julia Gentile

Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning

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