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School Leadership

Working Together for Positive Impact

Head of School Dr. Jennifer Galambos, together with the Kent Place Leadership Team, work hand in hand with the Board of Trustees to balance short-term issues with the school's long-term vision.

Please take a moment to get to know a little bit about Dr. Galambos.

Leadership Team

Christopher Bonner

Christopher Bonner

Director of Operations
Coral Brooks

Coral Brooks

Chief Advancement Officer
Vicky Browne

Vicky Browne

Director of Athletics
Allison  Brunhouse

Allison Brunhouse

Chief Enrollment and Strategy Officer
Julia Gentile

Julia Gentile

Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning
Nicole Hager

Nicole Hager

Director of the Upper School
Walidah Justice

Walidah Justice

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer
Genevieve Madigan

Genevieve Madigan

Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Rachel Naggar

Rachel Naggar

Director of Communications
Neisha Payne

Neisha Payne

Interim Director of the Middle School
Kim Pearson

Kim Pearson

Director of Technology
Karen Rezach

Karen Rezach

Director of the Ethics Institute
Kimberly Walker

Kimberly Walker

Director of the Primary School

Board of Trustees

Anne Grissinger P ’25, President
Jennifer T. Grogan P ’26, Vice President
Nancy H. Van Duyne ’76, Vice President
Rahul Goyal P ’28, Treasurer
Lawrence D. Johnson II P ’16 ’19, Secretary

KC (Anthony) Artemenko ’98
Yemi Benedict-Vatel P ’28
Maria (Fekete) Brugg ’98 P ’28 ’30
Todd C. Builione P ’24 ’26 ’28 ’32
Elizabeth Chrystal ’09
Betsy (Busch) Crosby ’66 P ’93*
Kathleen (Hammond) DeOssie ’04

L. John Dughi, Jr. P ’94*
Nicole G. Epps P ’27
Jennifer C. Galambos
Patricia Grushkin P ’23 ’25
Shané (Simmons) Harris ’92
Cláudia Hirawat P ’26
Ping Ji P ’28 ’32
Cheryl Kaplun**
Brooke (Jacobson) Lessinger ’05‡‡
Katherine (O’Donnell) Lynch ’06
Katie (Herbst) Machir ’95 P ’28
Lynn (Daeschler) Magrane ’70 P ’00 ’02*
John Markels P ’19 ’23

Beverly B. Mills P ’09 ’12*
Arjun N. Murti P ’20
Nancy W. Reynolds P ’16 ’16
Danielle Robinson P ’28‡
Suneet Varma P ’29
Alexandra Walter P ’24 ’27

* Honorary Trustee
** Faculty Representative
‡ Parents’ Association Representative
‡‡ Alumnae Association Representative