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Bring your truth to every discussion.

That thought you're keeping to yourself could be crucial to the conversation. It's important people know how you feel. -Rhyan, fifth grade

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  • Student Body

    Each year Kent Place welcomes more than 650 students, 43 percent of whom are students of color, from 80 different communities. Here is the breakdown by school (all numbers are approximate):
    Primary School - 190
    Middle School - 155
    Upper School - 306
  • Faculty

    Kent Place's 170 faculty and staff members personify our commitment to professional development, multiple perspectives, equity, and inclusion. Providing academic rigor in a supportive environment, our teachers — 80 percent of whom hold advanced degrees — value and reward independent thinking, creativity, and grit. Our student to faculty ratio is 7:1, giving teachers the opportunity to carefully, thoughtfully guide each girl's academic, personal, and social growth. Twenty percent are faculty and staff of color. Eighty percent of KPS faculty have 10 years or more of teaching experience and 100 percent of KPS faculty receive professional development.
  • Traditions

    From Opening Convocation's candle-lighting ceremony to Graduation's Daisy Chain, from Global Perspectives Day, Spirit Week, Primary School Field Day, the Science Expo and more, long-held and deeply valued traditions keep our Kent Place community close and connected.
  • Honor Code

    The Kent Place Honor Code, with its guiding principles of respect, ethical behavior, and good judgment, lies at the core of student life. Upon completing any project, assignment, or test, students write and sign the Kent Place Honor Code Pledge: This is my own work.
  • Ethics

    The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School, a first-of-its-kind program at the primary and secondary school levels, cultivates in every girl a strong sense of integrity and a commitment to ethical decision-making. Specific areas of study include Bioethics, Ethical Leadership in Business, and Ethics in Action. We offer workshops, seminars, and lectures; we host an annual Bioethics Symposium and participate in national conferences. Our students compete in national Ethics Bowls and avail themselves of the Institute's vast resources to explore, analyze, and attempt to solve the world's complex problems.
  • Visual and Performing Arts

    Central to a Kent Place education and emphasized in all grades, students can choose from a broad array of visual art, dance, theater, and music offerings. The learning is enhanced by professional performers and artists who come to Kent Place to share their work and their insights. Our students have been selected for state and national choirs; they have won awards in tri-state competitions for their theatrical productions; and they have exhibited visual artwork in museums and galleries beyond Kent Place.
  • Athletics

    Kent Place places a high value on athletics, giving every girl a chance to challenge herself physically while developing leadership and teamwork skills. Our Middle School's popular interscholastic teams prepare our athletes for our competitive Upper School program. Junior Varsity teams prepare our scholar-athletes with the skills needed to compete at the varsity level. Our elite Varsity teams — a great source of pride for the school — enjoy winning seasons, triumph at county and state championships, and send numerous athletes on to successfully compete at the college level.

    Middle School: Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball

    Upper School: Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing (coed), Field Hockey, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Spring Track and Field, Volleyball, Winter Track
  • Technology

    We infuse technology throughout the learning environment, beginning in our Preschool and up through the Primary, Middle and Upper School years, to emphasize technology as an essential interdisciplinary academic tool for learning and building community. Every Middle School and Upper School student is equipped with a laptop. The Innovation and STEM labs provide space for our computer science and robotics programs to prepare our students to be nimble, adaptable leaders and engineers.
  • Global Learning

    Our multipronged Global Program, emphasizing leadership, multicultural competency, language proficiency, and global service, truly sets Kent Place apart from our peers. A rigorous Global Education curriculum — including world geography and cultures, multiple foreign languages, and Hispanic and Francophone literature — is joined by travel, global partnerships, exchanges, and community service to give our students hands-on, real-time experience living, learning, and leading in an increasingly interconnected world.
Kent Place School is an all-girls K through 12 independent college preparatory day school with a coeducational Preschool, located in Summit, NJ.