At Kent Place, the strongest athlete, keenest mathematician, star performer, and class president are all girls. There's no being afraid to raise your hand, no being nervous about trying a new sport or club, just freedom — to explore, to try, to fall, to fly. Our Middle School at least 80 formal leadership positions, while the Upper School has more than 150. Strong mentors and female role models embolden Kent Place students to push themselves, pursue their passions.

Learning to lead begins in a student's first days at Kent Place because it is the school's belief that the earlier girls are exposed to the idea of leadership, the more likely they are to take on leadership roles later in life.

Some of Our Unique Leadership Initiatives

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  • Ethics Institute at Kent Place

    Our pathbreaking Ethics Institute at Kent Place seeks to inspire ethical decision-making, preparing our students to be better citizens and leaders.
  • Facilitation Skills Training

    Peer Leaders, Diversity Council members and Shore Conference leaders in the Upper School participate in an annual Facilitation Skills Training. The goal of the training is to strengthen students' ability to create safe spaces for dialogue, ask open-ended questions that engage their peers in fierce conversations, and bring healthy closure to a discussion where various differing perspectives may have been presented. This life-long human-relations skill is necessary for building thoughtful, responsive leaders.
  • Girls' Leadership Institute

    Our nationally recognized Girls' Leadership Institute, a two-week program for girls entering seventh or eighth grade, is designed to equip and empower participants for leadership opportunities throughout the year.
  • Leadership Inventories

    The Leadership Inventory is a grade-specific questionnaire given to students by their advisors. The questionnaire accomplishes two main goals: first, it helps a student do an age-appropriate evaluation of herself as a leader and, second, it helps the advisor understand the advisee's leadership history ("smooth? bumpy? in between?") and goals. The information often leads to important and candid discussions that benefit both student and advisor.
  • LeaDs (Leadership, Diversity and Study Skills)

    Our singular LeaDs program — which encourages goal-oriented, ethical leadership by strengthening critical thinking and reasoning skills, consensus building, cultural responsiveness and more — helps our fifth graders prepare for the next chapter of their academic lives, Middle School.
  • Portraits of Leadership Class

    A university president, a CEO, a Tony Award-winning actress — these are just a few of the leaders that Kent Place eighth graders have interviewed as part of this innovative class. For over two decades, this class has provided students with unforgettable lessons on leadership. After studying the impact of leadership through history, each student arranges to interview a leader off campus.
Each year, students take part in myriad leadership opportunities which allow them to better understand how to lead in their own way.

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  • 93%

    of girls' school graduates say they were offered greater leadership opportunities than their coed peers.
  • 80%

    have held leadership positions since graduating from high school.
    (NCGS, Girls' School Advantage)
Kent Place School is an all-girls K through 12 independent college preparatory day school with a coeducational Preschool, located in Summit, NJ.