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Empower Girls.

Advance The World.

Empower Girls.

Advance The World.

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Leading The Way

Kent Place School empowers girls to be confident, intellectual, and ethical leaders who advance the world. That’s our mission statement: sixteen words that can change the world. We bring our mission to life every day, on an inspiring campus, in a diverse community. Our students grow into brave and brilliant girls, ready to create a brighter future.


Things That Make Kent Place Kent Place

Lifelong friendships, inspiring faculty mentors, a comprehensive Advisory Program, shared traditions — they’re all part of our diverse, inclusive, empowering community. 

We see your brilliance, we cultivate your courage, and we amplify your intelligence, in all its forms: emotional, social, academic, artistic, and physical.

We lead with conviction and purpose — in arts and athletics, in classes and labs, in our Ethics Institute and our Girls’ Leadership Institute. 

If you embrace positive challenges, seek out new ideas and perspectives, and find joy in discovering new skills and talents alongside inspiring friends—we’re here for you. 

The entire KPS experience encourages your ambitions, enhances your strengths, and expands your vision of what’s possible.

Behind The Scenes

An Uncommon Tour of an Extraordinary School

Mabie House

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Welcome! The first stop for all prospective families is our Mabie House lobby, where you will be welcomed by Ms. Willyard before you meet with a member of the Admission team. 

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More than 100 students in Middle and Upper School work with the Admission team to be Green Key guides who are excited to introduce prospective students and their parents to Kent Place life.

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Head of School's Office

Dr. Galambos' main office is located in the Mabie House. Twice a week she spends time in the Head's Study in the Center for Innovation so she can engage in the daily life of the students. You may even meet Cooper, Dr. Galambos's Golden Doodle, who stops by on occasion!

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You'll find the Advancement Team building and maintaining relationships with alumnae, parents, parents of alumnae, and many more to advance the mission of Kent Place through volunteerism, fundraising, events, and connections.

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The Kent Place archives hold more than a century's worth of material. Interested students, in partnership with the Advancement Office and Upper School English teacher Ms. Cohen, spend time throughout the year organizing and cataloging the school's artifacts.

Teaching and Learning Lab

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The Teaching and Learning Lab lies on the perimeter of the Center for Innovation lobby adjacent to the STEM Innovation Lab, the Ethics Institute, and the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. It's where students (and teachers, too) can take advantage of a variety of resources to assist them in navigating the Middle and Upper School years.

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Staffed by members of the Upper School English Department, the Writing Center has for decades been a source of support, in any academic discipline, for Upper School students. It also provides ample space for student to work individually or in small groups with faculty.

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Learning support Coordinator

The Middle and Upper School Learning Support Coordinator guides students in the areas of organization, time management, executive functioning, and learning strategies. Although her specific expertise benefits students with learning differences, all KPS students and their parents may use her as a resource.

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The chief academic leader at Kent Place, the Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning oversees the entire academic program from Preschool through Grade 12. She works in collaboration with the division directors, the Upper School Academic Dean, and all department chairs to implement Learning with Purpose — a pillar of our Strategic Plan — and to ensure a cohesive, responsive, challenging, and relevant academic experience for all students.

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Registrar and Academic scheduler

Responsible for student attendance, academic scheduling, and transcripts, the Kent Place Registrar encourages students to stop by with questions as they navigate the Middle and Upper Schools.

Middle School Student Lounge

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Ping Pong, Anyone?

The Middle School Student Lounge is located in the Middle School Classroom Building and has fast become the place for students to gather between classes, hold an informal club meeting, or play an impromptu game of ping pong with a classmate or teacher. 

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CLUBS and activities

During designated periods of the week, Middle School students scatter to our many communal spaces around campus to meet with clubs, plan publications, engage in community service and student government, and more. All students are invited to lead or join clubs of interest during three club cycles each year, and our clubs reflect the diverse interests of our students.

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A year-long course that introduces students to skills, practices, and ideas that will serve as a shared foundation in Middle School — and beyond. Students explore five subject areas: ethics, leadership, identity, computer science, and entrepreneurship. The result is an intentional, experiential expansion of each student’s horizon.

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These guidelines are for every member of our community: students, faculty, staff, and families. Each addresses the individual’s dual role as both speaker and listener. They are used in all spaces on campus from the classroom to the lounges, and beyond.

  • Speak your truth and listen to understand others.
  • Understand impact versus intent.
  • When possible, seek to “call in.”
  • Consider when to step forward and when to step back.
  • Show leadership by taking positive risks and practicing empathy.
Graduation Lawn

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The Great Outdoors

A silver lining to life in a pandemic is how much we were able to utilize our 26-acre campus. Each student is given a waterproof blanket to use outdoors during lunchtime (if they choose) or just to get some fresh air between classes.

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Teachers regularly use the Graduation Lawn to hold classes and meetings. A few steps away is our amphitheater, which is a wonderful space to hold performances. It's also the spot where our seniors take their final photo together as a class during graduation.

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Our Diversity and Equity Parent Group, in partnership with the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, is known for throwing wonderful cultural celebrations throughout the year, utilizing both indoor and outdoor spaces. In the fall, our annual LatinX Night Expo brings the school together for a lively evening event. A live DJ was brought in to play tunes during Primary, Middle, and Upper School lunch, creating a big community fiesta!

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There are many traditions that we hold dear at Kent Place, but Commencement has been one of the oldest, carried down for more than a century. At the ceremony, the junior class holds a chain of daisies to symbolically guide their older classmates toward their futures. The next step of each graduate’s future—the more than 225 colleges and universities for which Kent Place alumnae have been uniquely prepared — demonstrates the wide array of opportunities and challenges to which our graduates enthusiastically progress.

Field House

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About 75 percent of our Upper School students participate in one of our 15 varsity sports. In Middle School, students in Grades 7 and 8 can join any of our 10 inclusive interscholastic teams; more than 90 percent of them choose to do so. They all play to win — and they learn to see winning as something bigger than a score. At Kent Place, it’s about communication and collaboration, discipline and teamwork, personal responsibility and collective achievement.

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Every day you'll see the Field House active with Physical Education classes in each division. In the Primary School, for example, Physical Education courses feature confidence-boosting games and dances, healthy eating, and Mini Dragon Athletic Clinics in selected sports — an inclusive, high-spirited introduction to playing together. 

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Our school flower remains a powerful symbol of growth and plays an important role in many of our ceremonies and special events. At Opening Convocation, held on the first day of school in the Field House, every student is handed a daisy. Our "Lifers," those seniors who came to Kent Place in Preschool, Kindergarten, or first grade, walk down to the Primary School to talk to our youngest learners.

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The Athletic Department maintains two on-site, certified and licensed athletic trainers to provide quality support to all students, whether or not they're on an athletic team. The athletic trainers work with the Physical Education Department to ensure that our students increase their understanding and knowledge of the many aspects of health and wellness throughout their Kent Place careers and beyond. 

Brave and Brilliant Voices

Reports and Reflections from Alumnae Who are Advancing the World

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